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Welcome to OlgaBio

OlgaBio offers you its know-how in the field of care and beauty, nail application and natural hair removal in Laval and Montreal.

Professional, natural and organic treatments performed at home and in the office by certified and experienced beauticians to ensure you receive the highest quality care: Nail application, natural hair removal, powder and resin, gel, facial, pedicure, manicure, organic cure, make-up, massage...

At OlgaBio we find:

  • A complete range of cosmetics (facial care, body care, hair and sun care, make-up care, foot and hand care).
  • Natural hair removal: face and body
  • The knowledge of a thousand-year-old culture is reflected in our natural products.
  • The natural depilation wax is at your disposal
  • A line of products for nails.

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